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 Photo: TWRA officers Doug McKenzie, Randy Huskey and Andy Collins along with trapping legend Red Edgemon

James "RED" EDGEMON was retired from Alcoa Aluminum company after 35 years of service. He also was a well-known  MEIGS and Mc Minn County farmer  and an avid U.T. sports fan, especially the lady vols Team.

James started trapping in the late 1920s.His first critters were opossums and skunks and by the early 1930s he had moved to trapping mink and muskrat. mink sold for $4 and muskrat for $0.50, which was much easier than the daylight to dark work for $0.50 a day. In the early 30s the proceed of his trapping paid his way to the nearest school, 11 miles away.

He was a licensed Auctioneer and was internationally known and awarded instructor in wildlife management and Trapping. james was also a member of the State of Tennessee Legislature.

He has taught a credited course on the subject at Purdue University in Indiana since 1985 and had been featured in many magazine and newspaper on the same subject. The fur takers of America dedicated to James "Red" Edgemonthe Volume 2 of their book " Favorite sets of Top Trapper .

 "one of the best student, best teacher, best trapper and best role model"

James K. "RED" EDGEMON entered the FTA Hall of Fame in 1986.

James  K "RED" EDGEMON enterd the TFHA Hall of fame in 1988.

James K. "RED" EDGEMON, of Ten miles,TN passed away at the age of 84 years old at the family residence  on April 6, 2003 following a lengthy illness.


The TFHA is sending one person to the Trappers College in Indiana this coming year.  Here is the application to fill out and send in to the TFHA Secretary.  The address is:


13740 Birchwood Pk

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For qualifications needed or further information contact John Daniel.

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