Fur Harvesters


This year's fur sales will be held:

at the Cumberland County Fair Complex in Crossville, TN on MARCH 5th, 2022.

Check-in times at the sale will begin at 8:00 am Central Time. 
The sale will begin at 9:30 am Central Time. 

If you have any questions on the Crossville sale please contact James Lord.

  Crossville Fur Sale:
*Call-ins to reserve a table will start on Saturday, February 26th, 2022 beginning at 8:00 am Eastern Time. 
For call-ins to reserve a table please contact John Daniel (423) 595-0986 . Please text during normal business hours .


*The dates stated for call-ins are the first date that you can call and reserve a table....But you can call any day after that  up till the day of the sale.

Please note: If you do not reserve a table, you will be considered a "walk-in" and will be at the end of the line on a first come first serve basis. 

                   Fur requirements and tips

    All otter and bobcats must have the CITES tag on each pelt.  Generally there are TWRA officers at the sale to tag pelts, but it is recommended that the pelts be tagged before you come to the auction.  Saves time and in case an officer can't make it, you will still be able to sale the pelts.

   You may bring your fur in Green (skinned only), the round (whole animal), or put up (completely finished).  Fur put up generally brings the best price, providing its put up correctly.

    For those of you that bring in green fur, to capitalize on the best price, make sure the fur is thawed, dry (not soppy wet), clean (not muddy or bloody) and brushed (remove debris and burrs).  Do not thaw your fur any sooner than the minimum time needed to thaw it. By that I mean, if the sale is on Saturday, don't get your fur thawing a week ahead of time.  Generally it takes about 24-48 hours to thaw most furs, depending on how you froze them, i.e. in a ball or laying flat, and the temperature at which you are thawing it. 

     For fur in the round, this will bring less money than anything.  If at all possible do not bring your fur in this way. Taxidermy specimens excluded.

    Fur that is put up gives the seller the best option for several reasons.  Fur buyers can only handle so much green fur.  They buy hundreds of pieces like this at the sales and meeting other trappers in various locations, and in order for this fur to not spoil due to freezing and thawing multiple times, it has to be put up right away.  This is one of the main reasons green fur at sales bring less than put up. Put up fur also gives you the option of a no sale and taking it home (and if its green, you don't want to have to take it back and re freeze it yourself), or sending it to a national auction house.

2022 CROSSVILLE Fur sale (03/05/2022)

Thanks to the Lady Fur Harvesters

Thanks goes out to the lady harvesters who kept us feeling good and full.

Also like to thank everyone behind the scenes that helps with the fur sales.  The clean up, the work involved during the sale, things like this couldn't get done with out the volunteers help.  thanks again.

Thanks goes out to the fur buyers for attending!


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