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Need a Speaker, contact us.

The Tennessee fur Harvesters Association is very fortunate to have many talented, well informed speakers to provide educational presentations to people from all walks of life. We enjoy speaking to scout troops, schools (K-12), universities, civic organizations, other outdoor organization, etc. We travel all over Tennessee and occasionally other states (inquire about the feasibility of out-of-state talks).

The Tennessee Fur Harvesters does not charge a fee for speakers. It is our duty and privilege to educate those interested in preserving our heritage and our rights as outdoorsmen. After you hear one of our talks, you may never look at a piece of fur the same way again!

Here is just a sampling of the kinds of presentations we do. If you have something different in mind, please let us know. Often, we can tailor a talk to a particular subject your students may be currently studying in school or even a subject you, yourself, have wanted to know more about. We generally require very little in equipment set-up, depending on the type of program you need. Often, a table is sufficient.

To schedule a speaker, simply call or email us . Usually, couple of weeks to a month's lead time is sufficient but if you know several months ahead that you'd like a speaker, don't wait to put in your request.

 Topics Presented By the TFHA (brief listing)

  • Trapper Ethics
  • History of the Fur Trade
  • Initiation to trapping
  • Traps Anatomy
  • Fur bearer management in Tennessee
  • Coyote trapping around livestock
  • Wildlife control in suburban area
  • Fur handling
  • .......
  • ........


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